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niedziela, 18 marca 2012

MiG 15 Bis, Pribor, Czech Republic

This fine example of a aviation monument is located in Příbor, Czech Republic. A birthplace of Sigmund Freud by the way. This fighter although exposed to constatnt weather influence is in suprisingly good condition. I took some photos just for my future MiG 15 project. Although I am going to build a two seater those photos might be useful. It is not a common thing to see a MiG belly and wings undersides in such comfortable way.
I took those photos during a really hot day of August 2011.
 photo IMG_8441.jpg  photo IMG_8440.jpg  photo IMG_8439.jpg  photo IMG_8438.jpg  photo IMG_8437.jpg  photo IMG_8436.jpg  photo IMG_8435.jpg  photo IMG_8434.jpg  photo IMG_8433.jpg  photo IMG_8432.jpg  photo IMG_8431.jpg  photo IMG_8430.jpg  photo IMG_8429.jpg  photo IMG_8428.jpg  photo IMG_8427.jpg  photo IMG_8426.jpg  photo IMG_8425.jpg  photo IMG_8424.jpg  photo IMG_8423.jpg  photo IMG_8422.jpg  photo IMG_8421.jpg  photo IMG_8420.jpg  photo IMG_8419.jpg  photo IMG_8418.jpg  photo IMG_8417.jpg  photo IMG_8415.jpg  photo IMG_8414.jpg  photo IMG_8413.jpg  photo IMG_8412.jpg  photo IMG_8411.jpg  photo IMG_8410.jpg  photo IMG_8409.jpg  photo IMG_8408.jpg  photo IMG_8407.jpg  photo IMG_8406.jpg  photo IMG_8405.jpg  photo IMG_8404.jpg  photo IMG_8403.jpg  photo IMG_8402.jpg  photo IMG_8401.jpg  photo IMG_8400.jpg  photo IMG_8399.jpg  photo IMG_8398.jpg  photo IMG_8397.jpg  photo IMG_8396.jpg  photo IMG_8395.jpg  photo IMG_8394.jpg

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