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poniedziałek, 11 sierpnia 2014

Bf 109 G/K wooden horizontal stabiliser - The Museum of Coastal Defence, Hel, Poland

The most unexpected and awesome post-Luftwaffe artifact I have ever met, it was about 4-5 years ago. It was placed just in the corner in Coastal Defence Museum in Hel, Poland. The stabiliser just stood there unprotected. I had only an old mobile camera so poor photo quality. This element bears its original wartime finish. Deep-blue RLM 76 and violet RLM 75 with something I believe is almost black-green RLM 83 sprayed freehand in what I believe is Erla tooth pattern. Some original stencils are also visible.
 photo DSC03659.jpg  photo DSC03671.jpg  photo DSC03670.jpg  photo DSC03669.jpg  photo DSC03668.jpg  photo DSC03667.jpg  photo DSC03666.jpg  photo DSC03664.jpg  photo DSC03663.jpg  photo DSC03660.jpg

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