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wtorek, 13 sierpnia 2013

De Haviland Sea Venom FAW.21, XG613 Polish Aviation Museum, Kraków

This beautifuly preserved Sea Venom was recently acquired by Polish Aviation Museum from RAF Duxford. Its overall condition is excellent and luckily this bird is on display inside the main hangar. I am not sure if there is original paintscheme on it or not, however the shade of sky colour is much paler than Xtracolor enamel while extra dark sea gray is a close match to Xtracolor one. Something to consider next time I will paint any FAA model. Hope you enjoy this small walkaround.
 photo IMG_3138.jpg  photo IMG_3135.jpg  photo IMG_3133.jpg  photo IMG_3132.jpg  photo IMG_3131.jpg  photo IMG_3130.jpg  photo IMG_3129.jpg  photo IMG_3128.jpg  photo IMG_3127.jpg  photo IMG_3126.jpg  photo IMG_3125.jpg  photo IMG_3124.jpg  photo IMG_3123.jpg  photo IMG_3122.jpg  photo IMG_3121.jpg  photo IMG_3120.jpg  photo IMG_3119.jpg  photo IMG_3118.jpg  photo IMG_3117.jpg  photo IMG_3116.jpg  photo IMG_3115.jpg  photo IMG_3114.jpg  photo IMG_3113.jpg  photo IMG_3112.jpg  photo IMG_3111.jpg  photo IMG_3110.jpg  photo IMG_3109.jpg  photo IMG_3108.jpg  photo IMG_3107.jpg  photo IMG_3106.jpg  photo IMG_3105.jpg  photo IMG_3099.jpg  photo IMG_3098.jpg

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