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wtorek, 13 sierpnia 2013

SBLim 2 / MiG 15 UTI - update, more photos

This is just a little update to the gallery of those two-seaters This time more speedbrakes and their wells, some nose and intake interior details, engine, few shots of the belly (still unclear area) and last but not least - the ejection seat here displayed with full gear. All this stuff together with former galleries available here and here might be useful by building this beautiful plane from the Trumpeter kit (which is not perfectly accurate...).
 photo IMG_3301.jpg  photo IMG_3300.jpg  photo IMG_3299.jpg  photo IMG_3298.jpg  photo IMG_3297.jpg  photo IMG_3296.jpg  photo IMG_3295.jpg  photo IMG_3294.jpg  photo IMG_3293.jpg  photo IMG_3292.jpg  photo IMG_3290.jpg  photo IMG_3288.jpg  photo IMG_3287.jpg  photo IMG_3286.jpg  photo IMG_3285.jpg  photo IMG_3284.jpg  photo IMG_3283.jpg  photo IMG_3282.jpg  photo IMG_3281.jpg  photo IMG_3280.jpg  photo IMG_3279.jpg  photo IMG_3278.jpg  photo IMG_3277.jpg  photo IMG_3276.jpg  photo IMG_3275.jpg  photo IMG_3274.jpg  photo IMG_3273.jpg  photo IMG_3272.jpg  photo IMG_3271.jpg  photo IMG_3270.jpg  photo IMG_3269.jpg  photo IMG_3268.jpg  photo IMG_3267.jpg  photo IMG_3266.jpg  photo IMG_3265.jpg  photo IMG_3264.jpg  photo IMG_3263.jpg  photo IMG_3262.jpg  photo IMG_3261.jpg  photo IMG_3260.jpg  photo IMG_3257.jpg  photo IMG_3256.jpg  photo IMG_3255.jpg  photo IMG_3254.jpg  photo IMG_3253.jpg  photo IMG_3251.jpg  photo IMG_3250.jpg  photo IMG_3249.jpg  photo IMG_3248.jpg  photo IMG_3247.jpg  photo IMG_3246.jpg  photo IMG_3245.jpg  photo IMG_3244.jpg  photo IMG_3243.jpg  photo IMG_3242.jpg  photo IMG_3241.jpg  photo IMG_3240.jpg  photo IMG_3239.jpg  photo IMG_3238.jpg  photo IMG_3237.jpg  photo IMG_3236.jpg  photo IMG_3235.jpg  photo IMG_3234.jpg  photo IMG_3233.jpg  photo IMG_3232.jpg  photo IMG_3231.jpg  photo IMG_3230.jpg  photo IMG_3229.jpg  photo IMG_3228.jpg  photo IMG_3227.jpg  photo IMG_3226.jpg  photo IMG_3224.jpg  photo IMG_3223.jpg  photo IMG_3222.jpg  photo IMG_3221.jpg  photo IMG_3220.jpg  photo IMG_3219.jpg  photo IMG_3218.jpg  photo IMG_3217.jpg  photo IMG_3216.jpg  photo IMG_3215.jpg  photo IMG_3214.jpg  photo IMG_3213.jpg  photo IMG_3212.jpg  photo IMG_3211.jpg  photo IMG_3210.jpg  photo IMG_3209.jpg  photo IMG_3208.jpg  photo IMG_3207.jpg  photo IMG_3206.jpg  photo IMG_3205.jpg  photo IMG_3204.jpg  photo IMG_3203.jpg  photo IMG_3202.jpg  photo IMG_3201.jpg  photo IMG_3200.jpg  photo IMG_3199.jpg  photo IMG_3198.jpg  photo IMG_3197.jpg  photo IMG_3196.jpg  photo IMG_3195.jpg  photo IMG_3192.jpg  photo IMG_3190.jpg  photo IMG_3189.jpg  photo IMG_3188.jpg
...and the seat:
 photo IMG_3173.jpg  photo IMG_3172.jpg  photo IMG_3171.jpg  photo IMG_3170.jpg  photo IMG_3169.jpg  photo IMG_3168.jpg  photo IMG_3167.jpg  photo IMG_3166.jpg  photo IMG_3165.jpg  photo IMG_3164.jpg  photo IMG_3163.jpg  photo IMG_3162.jpg  photo IMG_3161.jpg  photo IMG_3160.jpg  photo IMG_3159.jpg  photo IMG_3158.jpg  photo IMG_3157.jpg  photo IMG_3156.jpg  photo IMG_3155.jpg  photo IMG_3154.jpg  photo IMG_3153.jpg  photo IMG_3152.jpg  photo IMG_3151.jpg  photo IMG_3150.jpg  photo IMG_3149.jpg  photo IMG_3148.jpg  photo IMG_3147.jpg  photo IMG_3146.jpg  photo IMG_3145.jpg  photo IMG_3144.jpg  photo IMG_3143.jpg  photo IMG_3142.jpg  photo IMG_3141.jpg  photo IMG_3140.jpg  photo IMG_3139.jpg

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