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środa, 4 września 2013

Luftwaffe Tornado IDS 44+29 on Radom 2013 Airshow

Tornado is one of my favourite modern jets. I like its bulky fuselage and fine wings looking cool on touchdown with all its aerodynamic stuff deployed and open. Although this one here was not performing any display these days and was parked on closed taxiway it was still a great sight to see. I took only these photos from behind the fence, sadly was not permited to get closer and walk around her a little. The traces of wear are evident. Reverse staining on the fin is typical for Tornado and entire airframe is covered with footsteps, some oil marks and also remains of gunpowder staining around cannon barrels. Perfect subject for advanced model painting. Enjoy.
 photo IMAG29871.jpg  photo IMAG2985.jpg  photo IMAG2981.jpg  photo IMAG2980.jpg  photo IMAG2979.jpg  photo IMAG2977.jpg  photo IMAG2976.jpg

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