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wtorek, 11 lutego 2014

BMW 801 TD-2 power unit (Cracow)

Compact and powerful BMW Flugmotor first in line with finest engines of its era. Those power units shown here come from Focke-Wulf 190 Fighter. Both London and Kraków exhibits (those cowled ones) I believe were never flown and I guess the London one might have never been fired. The photographs were taken in Science Museum in London, Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków and BMW Museum in Munchen. See also exhibit from Prague:
 photo IMG_3186_zpsf379dee0.jpg  photo IMG_4431_zpse3240b65.jpg  photo IMG_4430_zps7a1d67e4.jpg  photo IMG_4429_zpsc55d956b.jpg  photo IMG_4428_zpsd1a61a26.jpg  photo IMG_4427_zps472129d0.jpg  photo IMG_4426_zpsed161b3a.jpg  photo IMG_4425_zps26b5bf81.jpg  photo IMG_4424_zps4c345204.jpg  photo IMG_4423_zps09cac0ff.jpg  photo IMG_4422_zps6d157b6d.jpg  photo IMG_4421_zps24c629fa.jpg  photo IMG_4420_zps091faf57.jpg  photo IMG_4419_zpsefcf0633.jpg  photo IMG_4418_zps8ca429cf.jpg  photo IMG_4417_zps06363d4f.jpg  photo IMG_4416_zps5289be03.jpg  photo IMG_4415_zps31403cef.jpg  photo IMG_4414_zpsfbfc4299.jpg  photo IMG_4413_zpse5087e7d.jpg  photo IMG_4412_zps9c34555a.jpg  photo IMG_4411_zps952ea6d0.jpg  photo IMG_4410_zps4f55e220.jpg  photo IMG_4409_zps4deb5bdc.jpg  photo IMG_4408_zpsd3f8454c.jpg  photo IMG_4407_zpsb2d421b0.jpg  photo IMG_4406_zps1cfa7a51.jpg  photo IMG_4405_zps63cbe12a.jpg  photo IMG_4404_zps284941be.jpg  photo IMG_4403_zps03f8b7a8.jpg  photo IMG_4402_zps86c02040.jpg  photo IMAG0269_zps0c9395f3.jpg  photo IMAG0264_zpsbf405bcc.jpg  photo IMAG0263_zps78dce764.jpg  photo IMAG0260_zpsbd92ed7e.jpg  photo IMAG0259_zps57557768.jpg  photo IMG_5422_resize_zps1c877c0b.jpg  photo IMG_5421_resize_zps20fc9185.jpg  photo IMG_5415_resize_zps127072a0.jpg  photo IMG_5414_resize_zps8ca9aa8b.jpg  photo IMG_5413_resize_zps47c0908c.jpg  photo IMG_5412_resize_zpsc2955ad7.jpg  photo IMG_5411_resize_zps647116a4.jpg  photo IMG_5410_resize_zps7d13f520.jpg  photo IMG_5409_resize_zpsd9b5125d.jpg

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