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środa, 16 lipca 2014

Fw 190 A/F fin skin in original colours, Aviation Museum Prague-Kbely.

Just two photos but highly interesting. This is nothing more than a sheet of skin from late war Fw 190 A/F tail fin. A swastika in its final simplified form is visible. What is a point here - the lighter duck egg grey background colour is matched with middle grey, perfectly matching what we all know as RLM 75. It is a not commonly portrayed set - late war yellowish grey often called as late war RLM 76 or incorrectly RLM 99 next to old fighter camouflage palette of greys (RLM 75 here).
 photo 2014-07-13143959Kopiowanie_zps0ea6aa72.jpg  photo 2014-07-13143953Kopiowanie_zps66a27c4e.jpg

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