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wtorek, 15 lipca 2014

BMW 801 TD-2, Fw 190 Power unit

The BMW 801 TD-2 power unit, a Triebwerkanlage powering late war Fw 190 A-8 or F-8. Wears what I believe is orignal finish and rust over steel oil tank and cooler armor. Another cool Kbely Museum exhibit. It is a pity that whole thing is so hidden in the corner and I could not take photos of the rear "business end" with Kommandogerat, exhaust and Kompressor. Maybe next time? Please see also exhibit from Cracow:
 photo 2014-07-13143411Kopiowanie_zps949529c9.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135934Kopiowanie_zps95a9d22f.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135925Kopiowanie_zps337c03d0.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135906Kopiowanie_zpsd4f86860.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135857Kopiowanie_zps11cd9ee3.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135849Kopiowanie_zps142fcc28.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135843Kopiowanie_zps360e07d9.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135832Kopiowanie_zpsbcbdd95d.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135807Kopiowanie_zps2e7d40c4.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135749Kopiowanie_zpse8f7c439.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135741Kopiowanie_zpsfbd2b4ad.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135721Kopiowanie_zps0e76351e.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135710Kopiowanie_zps1426dae8.jpg  photo 2014-07-13135658Kopiowanie_zpsbf086edc.jpg

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